Our philosophy

At Ntsako Travel Africa, we believe that travel has the power to break down barriers and build bridges between cultures. Our mission is to curate unforgettable African experiences that not only showcase the continent’s stunning beauty and diversity but also foster connection, understanding, and inclusivity. As a proudly African and LGBTQ+-owned travel company, we’re dedicated to delivering personalized, bespoke journeys that exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impact on your heart.

Our Aim

Ntsako Travel Africa was founded in 2018 by Lipian Bongani Mtandabari, a young entrepreneur with a passion for travel and a vision for inclusivity and diversity in the tourism industry. With a background in hospitality and tourism, Lipian saw an opportunity to create a travel company that would showcase the beauty and complexity of Africa, while also providing a welcoming and personalized experience for travelers from all backgrounds. Starting with a small team and a big dream, Ntsako Travel Africa quickly gained a reputation for its expert knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Today, we are a leading African travel brand, known for our bespoke safaris, cultural tours, and adventure travel experiences. Despite our growth, we remain true to our roots and our values, always seeking new ways to innovate, improve, and inspire.” This history statement tells the story of how Ntsako Travel Africa was founded, its early days, and its growth over time, highlighting the company’s achievements and its commitment to its values.

Our vision at Ntsako Travel Africa is to become the leading African travel brand, celebrated for our passion, expertise, and commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We envision a future where travel is a catalyst for understanding, empathy, and unity among all people, regardless of their background, identity, or orientation. Through our work, we aim to inspire a sense of wonder, connection, and belonging to the rich tapestry of African cultures and landscapes, and to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. At Ntsako Travel Africa, our values are the compass that guides everything we do. We value: – Inclusivity: We believe that travel should be accessible and welcoming to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or background. – Authenticity: We curate experiences that are genuine, immersive, and true to the African spirit. – Excellence: We strive for exceptional service, attention to detail, and personalized care. – Community: We partner with local communities and support sustainable tourism practices that benefit the places we visit. – Diversity: We celebrate the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Africa, and strive to reflect this in our teams, itineraries, and experiences. – Fun: We believe that travel should be enjoyable, and that laughter and joy are essential to a life well-lived!” These values outline the principles that drive the company’s behavior and decision-making, shaping the culture and spirit of Ntsako Travel Africa.


Travel without Borders, Support without Boundaries

Personalized & Inclusive Travel Experiences

We offer bespoke travel solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience. As an LGBTQ+-owned company, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity, making all travelers feel welcome and valued.

Expert Knowledge & Local Insights

With extensive knowledge and experience in African travel, we provided expert guidance and insider tips to craft unforgettable journeys. Our local connections and partnerships ensure unique access to hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Unparalleled Support & 24/7 Availability

We offer exceptional support, available 24/7, to cater to diverse time zones and travel needs. Our dedicated team ensures seamless travel experiences, addressing any concerns or questions promptly, and providing a stress-free journey from start to finish.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team that makes it happen

Lipian Mtandabari

Operations Head

Delina Alwanger

Unit Head : Research, Business Development and Quality Assurance

Sibusisiwe Dube

Unite Head : Travel Services

Nelly Hute

Unit Head: MICEE, Diversity and Equality Programs

Destination Marketing that Embraces All

At Ntsako Travel Africa, we expertly craft compelling destination profiles and marketing strategies that showcase the essence of your LGBT and mainstream travel destinations. Our team will delve into the heart of your destination, uncovering its unique spirit, attractions, and experiences. We’ll then develop captivating content, stunning visuals, and targeted campaigns that highlight your destination’s authenticity, inclusivity, and appeal. Whether it’s the vibrant LGBT scene, the breathtaking natural beauty, or the rich cultural heritage, we’ll make your destination shine bright. Our expertise in both LGBT and mainstream marketing ensures that your destination will resonate with diverse travelers, generating interest, driving sales, and establishing your destination as a must-visit in Africa. With our expertise, you’ll attract a diverse range of travelers, fostering a culture of inclusivity, acceptance, and celebration. Let us help you become a beacon of welcome and hospitality in Africa, embracing all travelers with open arms

Join forces with Ntsako Travel Africa, a pioneering destination marketing agency, to unlock the full potential of your destination! We invite you to collaborate with us in crafting compelling destination profiles, marketing strategies, and inclusive travel experiences that showcase your unique charm and appeal to diverse travelers. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of Africa’s diversity, foster a culture of inclusivity, and drive economic growth through sustainable tourism. Contact us to explore how we can help you shine bright on the global travel stage!

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